August 10, 2019

2. Star date June 5, 2170: 5:10 PM

Location: Earth’s Moon Colony, Terra-Port Docks

I’d only seen a ship this big the day I moved from Earth to the Moon Colony. Not quite as sleek as the Niña — yes, they named a few of the ships after the same ones that colonized America — the Freya clearly didn’t meet the regulations of a government transport vessel. Grungy, gray, and littered with startlingly intricate, brightly colored graffiti, it might’ve docked up more comfortably with a crime lord’s crew.

Other space craft filled the hanger around it. Those belonging to The Federation shone sleek and silver in the sterile light. Uniformed officers strapped with guns guarded these. I kept my back to them, skin prickling under their st...

August 2, 2019

1. Star date June 5, 2170: 3:23PM

Location: Earth’s Moon Colony

Hijacking a Space Officer’s motorcycle is usually inadvisable, but when you’re on the run from a lunar gang it’s about the best form of transportation. I buzzed through the cold, sterile streets of Earth’s moon colony, gripping the handles of the officer’s motorcycle and trying not to slide off the back as I took hairpin turns in an attempt to outrun the Mahina gang. 

Head down, I whipped through lanes of traffic — almost as bad as my hometown of Houston — and nearly clipped a bike messenger. The acrid smell of exhaust, so different from the gas I’d grown up with on earth, stung my nose. I yanked the soggy bandana around my neck up and over my nose. Stray curl...

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Here at The Pensive Pen, I blog about writing, querying, and self-publishing my first paranormal academy series. Sometimes I might share about struggling with anxiety and insomnia, and I'll always ask questions to discover something very important to me: getting to know YOU! If you're a writer, reader, or someone trying to figure out what community looks like online, this place is for you!


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February 5, 2020

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