August 3, 2019

Check out my fellow author K.E. Hubbard! She is an excellent writer, brilliant critique partner, and all around encouraging friend. In November, she will be publishing a satirical Christmas novella called The 24th. If you love Christmas movies, this sweet, short and humorous story is perfect for you! 

 In her own words:

I’m so excited to announce that my novella, The 24th will be published on November first! If you love Christmas movies and all their trope-filled goodness, you’ll love this short, sweet, and funny story!

After their significant others find true love with someone else just days before Christmas, Jack and Ella decide to get revenge and crash Ella’s ex-boyfriend’s wedding. They travel together to the...

May 25, 2018

We're back with another Fun Friday Follow! Today, I'm shouting out a non-profit close to my heart (and my apartment-ish). Started by a good friend in my writer's group, Ashley Soden, Write/Create strives to help writers both young and old to reach their creative writing and reading goals. As we all know, writing is tough and it can be worse if you have to go it alone. Write/Create seeks to build community with writing groups, writing retreats, outings, and write-ins.

This group has been a huge encouragement to me on my own writing journey. They have challenge my words and supported me when I've been discouraged. Their various views have enriched my writing and sometimes even help me kill my darlings.

Where can you follow...

May 18, 2018

Have you noticed I like alliteration?

Happy Friday! You made it through the week! Congratulations!

I'm starting a new segment on my blog where I shout out another awesome writer. Want to be included? Shoot me a message in the comments and I'll shout you out!

Friday Follow

This week, I'm shouting out Sharon Peterson, writer of

women's fiction, hater of all things pumpkin flavored, and one of the most encouraging people I know. My typical reads do not usually include romance. I prefer science fiction with maybe a subtle whiff of lovey-dovey brewing in the background. Sharon, however, has made a fangirl out of me. Her novels weave together wit and wisdom and often have me weeping by the end. One day I'll say I knew her!


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Here at The Pensive Pen, I blog about writing, querying, and self-publishing my first paranormal academy series. Sometimes I might share about struggling with anxiety and insomnia, and I'll always ask questions to discover something very important to me: getting to know YOU! If you're a writer, reader, or someone trying to figure out what community looks like online, this place is for you!


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February 5, 2020

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