January 6, 2020

When I wake up at Locklear Academy, I have no memory of how I got here… or any memories at all. Oh, yeah, and did I mention that I’m dead?

If I ever want to pass on, I’m going to have to recover my past. Easier said than done. But Locklear, aka Ghost Academy, specializes in helping spirits take care of their unfinished business. There are just a few problems.

First, the X-ers, an extremist group whose main goal is to forcibly send ghosts like me into the great whatever beyond, painfully and without that sense of peace we crave.

Then there’s the polter-ghost who has been following me around since I got here. But my biggest distraction comes in the form of Rafe: a fox shifter with the most adorable dimples, carrying around w...

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Here at The Pensive Pen, I blog about writing, querying, and self-publishing my first paranormal academy series. Sometimes I might share about struggling with anxiety and insomnia, and I'll always ask questions to discover something very important to me: getting to know YOU! If you're a writer, reader, or someone trying to figure out what community looks like online, this place is for you!


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February 5, 2020

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