June 29, 2018

1    Lust - an over desire for that new editing tool/writer software/notebook. 

2    Gluttony - for punishment (does this really need an explanation?

3    Greed - not being happy with your following on social media. As my wise friend Kirsten says, if you don't appreciate your current followers, you'll never appreciate more.

4    Sloth - you spend way too much time on twitter/pintrest "studying writing."We all know the reality here. Whether we're faced with a particularly difficult scene, or our muse is pouting in a corner refusing to talk to us, we're not actually studying, we're avoiding our book babies and probably looking at recipes rather than writer tips.

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June 22, 2018

 It's getting easier.

Really, it is. Though it always stings a little, and will always make me initially defensive, this process is necessary and good and will prepare me for more difficult things.

What is this thing I speak of? The dreaded critique! As usual, this new set of eyes caught things other readers never picked up on (and reiterated some opinions I'd formerly disagreed with.) Though I still felt that initial sting of someone not thinking my book baby was perfect (I'd love to imagine I don't think this, but my reactions out me every time), my "healing time" was a lot shorter. 

Or, you could say, I marched through the stages of Critique Grief much faster than usual. 

You know what I'm talking about:

  • Mama Be...

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Here at The Pensive Pen, I blog about writing, querying, and self-publishing my first paranormal academy series. Sometimes I might share about struggling with anxiety and insomnia, and I'll always ask questions to discover something very important to me: getting to know YOU! If you're a writer, reader, or someone trying to figure out what community looks like online, this place is for you!


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