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Dying can really cramp a girl's style.

It's also a great chance for reflection, if you're into all that. It's also great for getting back at all those people who bugged you in life. I picked option C, and I'm not sorry. Not a bit. Prankster in life, prankster in death. Unfortunately, there are rules governing the ghost world. Rules I eventually can’t outrun. But the second I’m sent to Poltergeist Prison, I start planning my escape. Though I wouldn't mind sticking around for some of them. Particularly a drool-worthy but egotistic guy named Axl. Good thing we’re both on the same page about getting out of here and getting a little justice on the living. Once we’re free, I’ll be more than happy to help Axl get back at the guy who hurt his bestie, if only to make us even. But when ghosts start disappearing from the detention center — and the explanation from on high doesn’t track — figuring out what the flip is going on becomes priority number one. If we can’t find out where they’re being sent, we might be next. Order here!