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Talk to Me Tuesday

Hello Frands!

Welcome to your weekly update/question. Above you'll see the cover of Supernatural Reform School, the book I co-wrote with my good friend, Sullivan Gray. You can follow her here (and also get a free copy of The Dragon Heir!) Sullivan and I are already working on book two of our paranormal academy series (Academy of Stolen Magic) and we're super excited to get started with book three (Blood of the Dragon Shifter).

My question this week centers on ambiance. Last week I moved into a new apartment and have been working to get my new space feeling like a home. One of the things I did was find scentless candles. When I asked Facebook for recommendations on where to get some, a few people were very confuse. I had to then explain how a lot of scents give me a headache (so annoying), and that I just wanted them for ambiance.

My question this week is this: what do you do to make your home feel like YOUR space? Talk to me! I want to know!

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