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Talk to Me Tuesday

Hey frands!

This week has already been crazy and it's only Tuesday. I moved all day today and let me tell you, moving brain is a thing. It's similar to my understanding of pregnancy brain. The "creative" spelling I've been doing this evening has been quite special.

It doesn't help that I'm also on allergy medicine because something is dying or blooming or whatever and my head is the size of Houston. Trying to write during this time has been an adventure. It would be easy to get frustrated with only being able to write a few paragraphs, but that doesn't seem helpful. Instead, at the moment I'm happy with each word I get on the page.

I feel this barrier disintegrating though.

There's something about the right space that frees a writer up to do what they need to do. Some places are heavier than others, tighter. Maybe I'm the only one who feels this, but different locations have a certain feel. Either way, I know most people have a specific place where the writing flows, comes easier than normal.

Do you have a place like this? A place that doesn't feel tight, but free and unhindered?