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I Want to Know...Delayed

Hello all and welcome to another I Want to Know! The beginning of this year has actually been pretty good, but I think caffeine withdrawal has thrown me a tad. I actually stopped drinking coffee the last Friday of December since I was cutting out a ton of other stuff starting January 1st. Still, my routine is now off and I'm trying to get back into the jive.

In an attempt to track down what exactly is triggering my digestive problems, this month I'm cutting caffeine, alcohol, grains, legumes, and dairy. *cue the tears* The first week started well (apart from a little food poisoning that wrecked me one night), but now the cravings are starting.

I didn't realize how much cutting all this out would effect me socially. But it has. Explaining why I can't eat certain things or turning down an offered drink makes me sting with discomfort.

Maybe this is irrational.

But there is something communal about food and drink. Plates piled high, carafes of steaming coffee, and popped bottles all aid in the flow of conversation. Alcohol relaxed social anxieties (and editing/rejection woes for us writers), coffee comforts and excites, dairy...well, cheese is just the best isn't it?

Have you cut anything out for the New Year? Something from your routine to simplify? A food to try and heal your gut? Are you about to fast for Lent? How do you feel when you have to turn down something your host offers you?

If you have a second, I'd love to know!