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I Want to Know Wednesday

Hello, Wednesday Warriors!

Winter has finally hit Houston! Sort of. For us, this typically means a few days below freezing, followed by another day in the 70's. One day I'm layering up wearing four shirts to my morning boot camp, and the next I'm in a tank top. Weather whiplash at its finest.

This week, we even got snow. I don't have any evidence of this. It came in somewhat apathetic flurries and I only knew of its existence because of the morning show I listen to during the week, but this tiny little phenomenon excited me. Like a little kid, I wanted to run outside, to stick my tongue out, to taste it a la Charlie Brown. This small joy kind of made my entire week.

That's what happens when your city only gets snow every ten years. Maybe.

So what about you? Is there anything that ignites a child-like thrill?

If you have a second, I'd love to know!




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