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I Want to Know Wednesday

Welcome once again Wednesday Warriors!

There is a reason dialogue is not like real life conversation. Punctuated with "umms", "uhs", awkward pauses, and sad attempts at wit (how sweet is it when we actually have that quick response!), no one would want to read an actual day to day conversation. While some might rise above the rest with poignancy as profoundly insightful or amusing hilarity, most are fairly boring.

But dialogue still must sound like something someone would actually say. This isn't always easy and it requires reading it out loud and running it by other people to perfect it. Some of the worst dialogue I've ever read hasn't been in young adult fiction, but rather "romance" scenes in action stories. The almost impossible to kill male main character (I'm looking at you Dirk Pitt), uses a stupid pick up line that has the love interest swooning while most of us would just bust out laughing (even if he had Matthew Mcconaughey's abs and accent).

One thing that makes dialogue sound both natural and memorable is catch phrases. Sherlock is known for his "elementary", Ebenezer Scrooge for "bah humbug", and even if you haven't read Heart of Darkness (you should), most everyone remembers "the horror, the horror!" (Thanks Seinfeld.)

This leads me to my question for this week. Do you have anything you find yourself saying constantly?

If you have a second, I'd love to know!