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The Seven Deadly (Writer) Sins

1 Lust - an over desire for that new editing tool/writer software/notebook.

2 Gluttony - for punishment (does this really need an explanation?

3 Greed - not being happy with your following on social media. As my wise friend Kirsten says, if you don't appreciate your current followers, you'll never appreciate more.

4 Sloth - you spend way too much time on twitter/pintrest "studying writing."We all know the reality here. Whether we're faced with a particularly difficult scene, or our muse is pouting in a corner refusing to talk to us, we're not actually studying, we're avoiding our book babies and probably looking at recipes rather than writer tips.

5 Wrath - See last week's stages of critique grief. Your beta points out a massive plot hole/a CP tells you a beloved character is annoying/your computer or document crashes in the middle of writing that stupid scene you've been struggling with. The words you shout at your screen or in your head would not be conducive to that platform building, unless you're going for Writer Rage Monster?

6 Envy - That friend of yours who's only written one book ever gets an agent before you, even though you've been writing since elementary school. You're happy for them, really, and not at all jealous. No really. Not jealous. At. All.

7 Pride - A random book suddenly appears in the best seller list and turns out to be a piece of garbage (and the result of some shady business)/an erotic book is analyzed (it should be notes I accidentally wrote "anal-ized.") and shown to not only be horribly written, but also perpetuates abuse/ No matter the source, we get a special kind of prideful glee watching these people and their books get dismantled. I know, I look up the hashtags and get a kick out of it myself. It's bad.




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