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Friday Follow Fun

We're back with another Fun Friday Follow! Today, I'm shouting out a non-profit close to my heart (and my apartment-ish). Started by a good friend in my writer's group, Ashley Soden, Write/Create strives to help writers both young and old to reach their creative writing and reading goals. As we all know, writing is tough and it can be worse if you have to go it alone. Write/Create seeks to build community with writing groups, writing retreats, outings, and write-ins.

This group has been a huge encouragement to me on my own writing journey. They have challenge my words and supported me when I've been discouraged. Their various views have enriched my writing and sometimes even help me kill my darlings.

Where can you follow them?



Twitter: @Rooted_in_faith

It's so important to have a writing group, if for nothing else than to have some shoulders to cry on and people to laugh with! Do you have a group you meet with to exchange words? How did you find them?

I'd love to know.




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