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Writing Fiction is Important - A Thought for Thursday

Writing is important. Oddly enough, it's sometimes difficult to put to words exactly why. I do it because whole worlds live inside of me, because characters scream until I let them out, because through it, I come to understand the world far better than I did before I put my pen to the page (or fingers to the keyboard.

From the time I was a really little kid, I remember describing the world around me in my head, narrating my days. I often imagined myself as a character in a book, dreamed of how an author might describe my surroundings, what I looked like, what my family, friends, and foes looked like. In this I found refuge from bullies, victory over failures, and accomplishment in pictures made of words.

Writing is my default.

Often, I try to take a break, to clear my head. Usually, this just

ends with me feeling a huge sense of restlessness and pent up energy. I write every day not because of the so-called rule (which, by the way, not everybody should follow), but because I can't help it. I miss my characters and they yell at me until I listen to them.

So why do you write? What drives you to open a word doc, note book, or scribble words onto napkins? I'd love to know!


"I thought I saw how stories of this kind could steal past a certain inhibition which had paralyzed much of my own religion since childhood. Why did one find it so hard to feel as one was told one ought to feel about God or about the sufferings of Christ? I thought the chief reason was that one was told one ought to. An obligation to feel can freeze feelings. And reverence itself did harm. The whole subject was associated with lowered voices; almost as if it were something medical. But suppose by casting all these things into an imaginary world, stripping them of their stained-glass and Sunday school associations, one could make them for the first time appear in their real potency? Could one not thus steal past those watchful dragons? I thought one Could." - C.S. Lewis

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