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Friday Follow Fun

Have you noticed I like alliteration?

Happy Friday! You made it through the week! Congratulations!

I'm starting a new segment on my blog where I shout out another awesome writer. Want to be included? Shoot me a message in the comments and I'll shout you out!

Friday Follow

This week, I'm shouting out Sharon Peterson, writer of

women's fiction, hater of all things pumpkin flavored, and one of the most encouraging people I know. My typical reads do not usually include romance. I prefer science fiction with maybe a subtle whiff of lovey-dovey brewing in the background. Sharon, however, has made a fangirl out of me. Her novels weave together wit and wisdom and often have me weeping by the end. One day I'll say I knew her!

Check out her website and be sure to follow her on twitter at @stone4031.

Who do you follow? Any fabulous writers who you couldn't survive the writing journey without? I'd love to know!




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