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Challenge Accepted

Whew! It's been a week y'all. I just got a critique back from an editor. The site of the email brought on sweaty palms, heart palpitations, and stomach twisting. After the last time a professional editor critiqued my writing (I won a free pass over my first chapter), I feared the worst (nothing good was said about the writing and I was VERY discouraged).

I know my writing isn't perfect and my story needs work, but as I've said before (and as every writer knows), my book is my baby. Sometimes I go mama bear on people. If you're a writer you know how it is.

Before I opened the email, I prepared myself. "Changes don't mean the story is story is perfect...your pantsing ways often get you in trouble so there may be structural and chocolate heal all wounds!"

I shouldn't have been so worried. There's a reason I hired this particular editor. Not only did she point out the good, but what needed work made me feel empowered rather than discouraged. As I've dived into edits this week, the whole time all I could think was "challenge accepted!"

This is the kind of critique that works best for me and I so appreciate it. Yes, I need to work on growing a thicker skin (I've always been a HSP - Highly Sensitive Person), but for this stage in the game this is the most helpful.

If/When I get published, bad reviews will come. Even the best writers receive harsh words about their books (not to mention trolls). For now though, I'm super grateful for the brand of help I've gotten from this editor. I'll definitely be using her again when I decide to go back to my abandoned trilogy.

Writer friends, what about you? What type of critique helps you feel empowered? What type discourages you? I want to know!