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Saving my Scribbling Sanity

Recently, I hired a professional editor for my manuscript. With much trepidation, I sent it off to her Sunday night (just in case Monday lived up to the foul rumors we perpetuate about it) and since have been attempting not to stress about it. You know what it's like. It's your baby. It's hours of blood, sweat, tears, and brain cramps. It's your nakedness and vulnerability on display in the hands of a stranger! (Dramatic? Yes, but I am a writer after all.)

What if she has nothing good to say about it? (this recently happened to me with the first chapter. Massively disheartening.)

What if she wants to cut some of my favorite POVs? (If only, if only I could write third omniscient well!)

What if I have to cut an obscene amount of writing???

Then a sanity saving thought crashed into my brain: if things need to be cut, it just means I get to write more of characters I love!

Let me tell you. I've fallen in absolute love with these people. Usually, it takes me a few months to write a novel. This one came rushing out of me in about a month. Never have I felt so intensely connected to characters the way I have with the cast of my newest story.

So if I have to do some rewriting and editing all that means is that I get to spend more time with them.

Remind me in about a week of this shiny, happy thought. I might be crying into a coffee cup filled with two buck chuck from Trader Joe's and believing that edits mean I suck as a writer.